Welcome to Modern Suburbia!

So what’s the blog gonna do for me? Are you usually not a blog reader or maybe you don’t even really know what a blog is – that’s okay – this was written for you!


So being that I have a free installer (my electrician husband) and I have a nerdy engineer side to me I’m interested in all this cool home technology hitting the market. However, when I went looking online for research all I found was literature from manufacturers and/or some research/techy/academic mumbo jumbo that didn’t help. What I was really looking for was realistic reviews from real people really using these new gadgets. See I have a confession to make — I may have taken more semesters of math and science than I can remember but technology doesn’t come easy to me. I don’t find all these gadgets intuitive – I freak out every time I have to update my computer and I have yet to learn how to turn on the TV because I don’t really watch a whole lot of TV.


But I am passionate about saving time, money, electricity and water…making life easier for myself…and my home safer for my family. So when it comes down to it — I will put the effort in and figure out how to use these new-fangled gizmos if I think it can help me in the long run. So what kind of things am I talking about…well I’ll give you a preview to my first few reviews.


Ring – the video doorbell – we’ve only had this a week and I am totally in love. You connect the ring doorbell to your Wi-Fi, download their free app and you get a live feed every time someone rings your doorbell. You can talk to them through your phone but they cannot see you.


Disney Circle – this is a great device that helps you monitor, filter and set boundaries for electronic devices (i.e. phones, laptops, tablets – whatever is connected to your Wi-Fi. The setup is not flawless and I am still learning the nuances but for the price it’s a reasonable piece of mind.


We’re also going to be looking at quick and easy things you can do in your home to make your life easier. No matter if you only want to spend $10 or  have a half hour I will teach you how adding a little technology in your home can save you time and money and improve your quality of life.


Thanks for reading and joining my adventure!